Twin of Twins star in remixed Kung Fu Film

By Steven Jackson Observer writer
Monday, July 12, 2010

Comedians Twin of Twins are starring in Ching Pow, Far East Yardies–a remixed Kung-fu film slated for November release which will rely on local bootleggers to market the product, its producer said.
The comedians will dub their voices over the film images of Ninja Death–an old kung-fu trilogy which has entered the public domain according to producer Bruce Hart of Rocket Jamaica Ltd–an independent media company.
The remixed film described as an “action-satire” will rely heavily on slang and “poke fun” at dancehall culture and particularly artiste Bounty Killer who is a nemesis of the comedians.
“It is very much in the Twin of Twins sensibilities and their formulation of relying on social criticism, dancehall music and comedy to criticise,” stated Hart.
Ninja Death is a 1987 Hong Kong film about a man, Tiger who owns a brothel but moonlights as a kung fu artist. He runs into trouble when Ninjas jeopardise his prostitution ring.
The movie is slated to be released in Carib Theatre in November and will follow with a DVD release. Hart however expects to avoid the trappings of local bootleggers ebbing DVD sales by encouraging them.
“We like the bootleggers. We like to share the stuff,” he stated.
Hart isn’t philanthropic, rather his marketing approach will seek financing upfront via sponsorship instead of relying on DVD sales. The project budget will range “between US$100,000 to US$500,000″ Hart stated seriously.
Hart wants to attract independent sponsors especially those affiliated with dancehall including products, producers and artistes. He doesn’t want corporate conglomerates which in his mind would jeopardise the integrity of the script.
Hart emphasised that sponsors would be seamlessly woven into the story-line.
“We will stay true to the story,” he said. “The sponsorship will be non-evasive and woven into the story.”