PREE-VIEW : Twin of Twins Far East Yardies Movie

Patrick “Curly Lox” and Paul “Tu-Lox” Gaynor aka Twin of Twins have been stirring things up in Jamaica with their comedy and social commentary for a decade now. A few years ago we caught wind of a feature-length film starring the brothers, or at least their voices transposed over old kung-fu footage. Now, that film is finally ready to be seen. Ching Pow: Far East Yardieswill screen every night for the next month, from today through September 7th, at The Theatre Place, 8 Haining Road in Kingston.

In the vein of the early-2000s-era Fuse Network series Kung Faux (which “remixed” old kung-fu movies with overdubs from hip-hop figures including Afrika Bambaataa, Crazy Legs and Biz Markie), Ching Pow jacks footage from Ninja Death parts 1, 2 and 3 to tell a story (Rated “NP” for “No Pickney”) that pokes fun at dancehall culture and Jamaica’s political atmosphere in a manner not unlike Twin of Twins’ mixtapes.

Catch an exclusive preview of the film, courtesy of director Bruce Hart, below, and the theatrical trailer below.